Blue Ridge Arrangement is an eclectic mix of personalities that unite for one purpose: to make beautiful and thought provoking music.

Audrey moved from Bedford, VA to the big city of Charleston, SC for college. She then taught kindergarten through high school kids in South Korea and Oklahoma before finally deciding she needed to practice what she preached- the whole following your dreams thing.

Stephen spent his childhood in Roanoke, VA. After finishing school he dabbled in a medical career, an Appalachian trail hiking hiatus, but now works as a photographer and musician. His photography work has been featured in major internet and magazine publications around the world.

This collaboration is the outcome of two dreamers: one whose dreams are creatures she’s constantly introducing to anyone who will listen, and the other who contemplates his dreams methodically until they are a living thing inside his head.

Their first album was recorded entirely in Stephen’s apartment over the summer of 2014. Since then, Audrey and Stephen have joined forces with Rick Morse (drums), Christian Wood (bass), and Brad Baker (saxophone, keys, and guitar) to write an entire new album comprising of 12 songs taking the listener on a journey through a conceptual space. Look for this album in late 2017.




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